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Sophisticated executive chair with a modern and slim design
Fitted with an inner mesh backrest and a double-layered leather structure, the chair offers an elegant and sophisticated look with the backrest and seat, which have a modest touch of volume, and a slim, edgy armrest.
  1. Multi-Locking

  2. Synchronized Tilt

  3. Tilt Tension Adjustment

  4. Pneumatic Height Adjustment

  • Tilt Tension Adjustment

    People put different amounts of pressure when they sit. You can adjust tilt tension to allow for comfortable tilting even with a moderate amount of pressure.

  • Seat Height Adjustment

    The seat height can be adjusted using the knob on the bottom right of the chair. It adjusts to find a 90-degree knee angle, encouraging a natural sitting posture.

  • Tilt Step Lock

    You can set the chair at the desired angle using the knob on the bottom left of the chair. Bend the backrest backward to fix it at the desired angle. Then you can maintain the desired angle while sitting, without putting pressure on the back.

  • Synchronized Tilt

    The backrest and seat tilt at different angles at the same time when the backrest reclines. When you recline, the chair is designed to help the whole body stretch, keeping the spine S-shaped and allowing the body to stretch naturally.

  • Backrest

    Designed to fit the natural curve of the human body, it offers consistent comfort in any type of space. Its elegant contours create a cheerful and energetic atmosphere.

  • Armrest

    With a metallic feel and a design that accommodates different body types, the armrest offers comfortable seating.


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