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CHD4 110G
The chair is ergonomically designed to improve the user’s productivity at work.
The backrest has a sophisticated curve and remarkably breathable mesh to offer coziness and comfort.
  1. Headrest Height Adjustment

  2. Lumber Support Height Adjustment

  3. Multi-Locking

  4. Synchronized Tilt

  5. Armrest Height Adjustment

  6. Arm Pads Angle Adjustment

  7. Arm Pads Back and Forth Adjustment

  8. Armrest Width Adjustment

  9. Pneumatic Height Adjustment

  10. Seat Depth Adjustment

  • Headrest Adjustment

    Easily adjustable to the desired height to accommodate different body shapes and postures. 

  • Armrest Adjustment

    Height adjustable, front-to-back adjustable, pivot adjustable

  • Tilt Step Lock / 4 Positions

    You can adjust the tilt lock using the knob on the back of the bottom left of the chair. The tilt lock and unlock feature offers convenience.

  • Seat Height Adjustment

    You can adjust the seat to match the user’s height using the knob on the bottom right of the chair.

  • Synchronized Tilt

    The backrest and seat pan tilt at different angles, giving support in the most comfortable position. (Weight-activated tilt)

  • Seat Pan Depth Adjustment

    You can adjust the seat pan depth by pulling the knob on the bottom of the seat.

  • Lumbar Support

    Turn the backrest dial clockwise to adjust tension on both sides of the lumbar support when the lower back gets close. Pull the dial to unlock and return to its original position.

  • ‘Front-to-Back Link’ on Lumbar Support

    The front-to-back link adjustment feature (in 4 positions) of the lumbar support gives the lower back consistent support at the desired position, offering great comfort.


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